3DAI: The Future of Architectural Design

Imagine being able to create stunning 3D images and videos of your architectural projects with just a few clicks. Imagine being able to visualize your designs in realistic and immersive ways, without spending hours on manual modeling and rendering. Imagine being able to share your creations with your clients and collaborators in web-based augmented reality, without any app downloads or special devices.

This is the vision of 3DAI, a company that is working on 3D AI generated images and video for architectural design. 3DAI is a pioneer in the field of generative design, using artificial intelligence to automate and optimize the creation of 3D content. 3DAI’s platform leverages the power of deep learning, computer vision, and cloud computing to transform 2D sketches, floor plans, and photos into photorealistic 3D models and animations.

3DAI’s platform is designed to be user-friendly, fast, and scalable. Users can upload their 2D inputs, choose from a variety of styles and settings, and get their 3D outputs in minutes. Users can also edit and customize their 3D outputs, adding furniture, lighting, textures, and colors. Users can then export their 3D outputs in various formats, such as images, videos, 360 panoramas, and webAR.

3DAI’s platform is not only a powerful tool for architects, but also for real estate developers, interior designers, urban planners, and anyone who wants to showcase their projects in 3D. 3DAI’s platform can help users to enhance their creativity, productivity, and communication, as well as to reduce costs and environmental impact.

3DAI is a company that is passionate about innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. 3DAI’s team consists of experts in artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and architecture, who have years of experience and research in their fields. 3DAI’s mission is to democratize 3D design and make it accessible and affordable for everyone.

3DAI is the future of architectural design. Join Us and unleash your 3D potential.